jueves, 29 de abril de 2010



1.Thread answers___ receive infinite answers every minute of your day..
2.Seeing photos of your ex with his new girlfriend____ sad :(
3.Fan people___ people who are fans of every... literal.. EVERY single group..
4.Facebook stalkers application______ people who dont know that its a lie and they tag you ... annoying
5.People who dont know you and wants to add you___ hate it
6.Stupid quizes____ how sexy you are; how good you are kissing.. etc
7.Bag tagg pictures__ ewwww
8.When you upload pictures____ receive 1000 notifications when they tagg someone or themselves
9.Status updates____ going to the bathroom, going to oxxxo.. wth?!
12.The new thing in search- you put a name of your friend and has like thousand of people you dont know
13.Old people in facebook___ creepy
14.Old people that want to add you__ even more creeppy
15.The addiction of it__ keeps you from going to places or call people
16.Top friends application___ who careS?!
17.Bumper sticker application and friends for sale application
18.Relationship status___ its complicated.... fix your relationship between you and that person! we dont care
19.Page suggestion
20.Face chat
21.Private Wall___ if you are going to have facebook.. why make it private to your friends?
22.Private Pictures
23.Events__ and events and events and events
24.Music groups__ and music groups and music groups
25.The fortune coockie___ annoying!
26.Pillow Fight__ what does that even mean?


1.Stay in touch with friends from other countries
2.Can stalk your ex's ___ hihi
3.Find people you didnt heard for a while__ yeii
4.Upload pictures__ :D
5.Birthdays you dont remember__ fiuuf
6.Free messages/walls/chat___ GREAT
7.Birthday Events___ instead of printing.. you send in facebook
8.If you want to raise money for something
9.Make groups for good causes__ the BEST!
10.You find out about eveything_____ eyes dont see, facebook tells you
11.Upload videos
12.Upload homework
13.Mobile application__ LOVE IT!
14.Raise money, like a friend who needs a heart transplant.. because of facebook he has raise in 2 weeks almost 300,000 dollars.- for a surgery of 700,000 dls
15.Tetris_ entertaining
16.Find about details from some events
17.Inbox___ i get excited when i receive one.. seems.. important
18.Share links
19.Share opinions with your friends
20.Phrases____ like Dhali Lama, the secret (quotes)
21.True Relationship status
22.If you dont have anything to do... facebook is the answer
24.Stalking people in general
25.Seeing old comments :) from friends, old boyfriends

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Earth Day

Air Pollution

You don't have to make a big investigation to see the reality... pollution is everywhere... and not everyone is doing something about it.. causing the earth more damage. "The sources of it are many; factories, dry cleaners, transportations (car, buses), etc etc.. And it damages the essential things on Earth; humans, trees, oceans, etc." (EPA)

Through the past couple of years air pollution has become a greater issue than it should've been. Now the skies are not as blue as they were.. forest are not full with trees as they were ... oceans are changing drastically its water currents... and all because of what we as humans are doing...

People want modern things.. we want to evolve.. and sometimes the cost is bigger than we expect. When we started eventing things, we never thought of the consequences of it and now our future generations will have to pay for it. Although we are now aware of the damages we can produced, the damage is done. But we can try to make it a better place and start making conscious in people so we can decrease the damage.

A lot of people are making campaigns, articles, books, tv programs, etc. so people can be aware of what is really happening to our HOME the Earth. Sometimes people give for granted what they have, until they loose it. And honestly we are loosing our home. We cant aloud this anymore, air pollution is increasing and the consequences of it can be dangerous.

As citizen we have to make things in our hands that will prevent air pollution to increase. For example dont use hair spray, instead of using 3 cars to go to school you can take turns for whos gonna take the car each day... use the bike.. etc we can do it. If we dont do this the ozone layer can completely vanished.. and if that happens.. our lives will be in danger.. as we can now see.. global pollution is also a big issue. We should really start to take this seriously.

If we propose ourselves to have a better future, we can propose to take care of our Home .. The Earth. The place where we grew adults and has seen people come and go.. and it should continue to do it for centuries and centuries.

Here's a small documentary about air pollution.

Some information i took from a government web was;


jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010


Mastercard- Victoria Lemus from markpicketts on Vimeo.

This week we watched all of our classmate's commercials , they were really cool and original! yet i think all of our commercial could've used better quality but beside that they were all really good. but if i had to choose... emmm..
I like Andrea Serna's commercial, it was so cute! the little boy and girl...
I also love dany's message of her commercial, it was really cute! but i would advise her the same things i have to my own/... to record with a real camera, because the quality wasnt that good. but i loved the kids dancing.
Paulina's video was also cool.. i think everyone did their best.. its just a general comment to everyone to ask for better quality..
If i would have to re-do my project i would use a camera, not the one for photos but the one to film. so i can get better quality, beside that im really happy with my commercial :)

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Sixth Sensers

OMG!! i am in shock i cant even start to express how shock i am...
This is amazing !!! When i was watching, all i could think about was.. OMG! this is so cool!! He is a genius!! He is officially one of the most ... if not . the MOST important inventor in the world right now. He has arrived to a point of technology where nothing can stop him.. and us. I would totally would want one of these.. it is soo coool!! It is not a necessity but its something to light things up in your life.. you could make it easier in some many ways that i cant mention all.
The greatest things about this technology is the camera, the "delay flight" in your airplane ticket, the clock in your risk, the dvd in a simple piece of paper, the phone in your hand, the video games in a white sheet of paper, everything is amazing! the way you can copy paste from a text directly to a paper and then print it... everything is amazing! But it does has its limitations... after this products goes out in the market, we will be slaved to this product... we are already slaved to our computers, blackberrys, etc, etc ,... i cant even imagine how are we going to interact.. society as we know it .. will eventually fade. People are going to look for the balance of reality with technology.. but honestly.. its impossible.. I cant think of any other limitation..
Open Source means that it will be open to the entire market.. to everyone.. to every single one of us... most of the time the most technological things are really expensive.. so the average people cant get it. The Sixth Sensers's pros to be open source its that it will be available to a lot of people, to people who cant speak.. to people who cant hear.. making their lives easier. The cons is what i said before about the slaved thing.. we will be all attach to this gadget and will not socialize with everyone. What have i used that is "open source?.. well youtube, facebook, limewire... this programs are available to everyone.. so this could be an open source example.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Video Editing

When i saw the last couple of videos the first things i thought were that i like-love-and found pretty interesting the way it expresses their message. The one that i trully loved was the Dove one, the one that expresses the real beauty and teaches us what magazines are up to. All of the videos were interesting and each one of them had they unique way to teach-show-us what their message is all about. The commercials that normally stick out in my mind are the ones of mastercard, sprite or coca-cola. normally those are the most funny ones! love them. It is because of their way to show us their brand, making it fun and appealing to the public eye, they discover new ways to sell their brand..
In my commercial i want to use elements that will "drawn" people to my "brand" or whatever i want to merchentize or sell...I'm still not sure how i am going to do it, but i want it to be cool and people actually wanting to see it. I think im expecting a lot of challenges because i dont know how to make one, nor have the whole concept of making my ideas real actions and not just thoughts. The challenges that may present are: how to make it, what things to use, how to edit, etc , etc.. hope this will be fun

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Sexting Tragedy

On this article they talk about a girl name jessica that committed suicide because her ex/boyfriend sent a nude photo to everyone. He sent it to one of his peers but he sent it another person and so on, and so on. The nude photo was news all over different high-schools. Jessica tried to go with the school's authorities to stop the bullying, but obviously they couldn't do much about it. She then went to the news and gave an interview to spread the word to girls to stop them of making the same mistakes than she did. A month after she graduated she hung herself and now her parents are suing the school, because they didnt take any severe actions against the bullies. Yes, it was a mean thing to do. But in first place, whatttaaa heell was the girl thinking when she sent the nude picture to her boyfriend! now in this days we have a lot of examples of this situations, she should've known better. Second, the school cant do anything about it, because is off school activities ... it had nothing to do with school.. only that the kids attended to the same high-school. Third, the parents are in grieve, they want to blame it on the school. But honestly if they really want to point fingers, they should've paid more attention to her own daughter, maybe they could've prevent it and let her know that its not the end of the world. they could've move to another city, etc. etc.
Jessica committed suicide a month after she graduated, it didnt have ANYTHING to do with the school. The parents should think twice what they are doing... the only excuse I can give to the parents.. it's that they are in grieve. They know they could've done something more to prevent the death of her daughter, so now they are looking for someone to blame. We know that this could've been prevented, but it didnt .. it's a tragedy.. but now instead of pointing fingers, we should let anyone that's out there of the consecuences that bullies can bring and girls or boys should be more aware of their own actions.


Technology was integrated in my education in many ways. The use of computers, the assignments in the internet, powerpoint presentations, real player, flash media, the "new pizzarrones" in the school are a step closer to technology. I honestly cant think on a project that represents technology integrated in my education. But the project that is more fresh in my mind is the Roto Animation we just did in computer class. I remember it; first because it just happened and second because we used a camera and computers to make it and it was fun.
A specific project I remmeber is one we made with Mr. Whitten were we learned how to record a song in a program called real player. I remember this because it was challenging but a lot of fun.
I dont recall any moment that a teacher should've integrated technology in their lessons. They integreated techonology enough, to think and remember a specific moment where they needed the use of technology.
Sometimes the teachers dont use technology in their class, because it wasn't necessary. Beside most of the time we are using the "pizzarrones" so thats technology "in use".