jueves, 29 de abril de 2010



1.Thread answers___ receive infinite answers every minute of your day..
2.Seeing photos of your ex with his new girlfriend____ sad :(
3.Fan people___ people who are fans of every... literal.. EVERY single group..
4.Facebook stalkers application______ people who dont know that its a lie and they tag you ... annoying
5.People who dont know you and wants to add you___ hate it
6.Stupid quizes____ how sexy you are; how good you are kissing.. etc
7.Bag tagg pictures__ ewwww
8.When you upload pictures____ receive 1000 notifications when they tagg someone or themselves
9.Status updates____ going to the bathroom, going to oxxxo.. wth?!
12.The new thing in search- you put a name of your friend and has like thousand of people you dont know
13.Old people in facebook___ creepy
14.Old people that want to add you__ even more creeppy
15.The addiction of it__ keeps you from going to places or call people
16.Top friends application___ who careS?!
17.Bumper sticker application and friends for sale application
18.Relationship status___ its complicated.... fix your relationship between you and that person! we dont care
19.Page suggestion
20.Face chat
21.Private Wall___ if you are going to have facebook.. why make it private to your friends?
22.Private Pictures
23.Events__ and events and events and events
24.Music groups__ and music groups and music groups
25.The fortune coockie___ annoying!
26.Pillow Fight__ what does that even mean?


1.Stay in touch with friends from other countries
2.Can stalk your ex's ___ hihi
3.Find people you didnt heard for a while__ yeii
4.Upload pictures__ :D
5.Birthdays you dont remember__ fiuuf
6.Free messages/walls/chat___ GREAT
7.Birthday Events___ instead of printing.. you send in facebook
8.If you want to raise money for something
9.Make groups for good causes__ the BEST!
10.You find out about eveything_____ eyes dont see, facebook tells you
11.Upload videos
12.Upload homework
13.Mobile application__ LOVE IT!
14.Raise money, like a friend who needs a heart transplant.. because of facebook he has raise in 2 weeks almost 300,000 dollars.- for a surgery of 700,000 dls
15.Tetris_ entertaining
16.Find about details from some events
17.Inbox___ i get excited when i receive one.. seems.. important
18.Share links
19.Share opinions with your friends
20.Phrases____ like Dhali Lama, the secret (quotes)
21.True Relationship status
22.If you dont have anything to do... facebook is the answer
24.Stalking people in general
25.Seeing old comments :) from friends, old boyfriends

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